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Basic System Engineering for Power Projects
Preparation of Feasibility Reports and Detailed Project Reports (DPR).

Study of site, Power and Process Steam system for Co-generation and Captive Power generation
    and firming up the concept of the project.
Detailed Engineering for Power Projects
Preparation of Tender Technical Specifications for the Major Packages
such as Boiler and Turbo Generator (BTG) units.
  Preparation of Tender Technical Specifications for the auxiliary systems such as Fuel Handling
System, Power Evacuation System, Ash Handling System, Plant Water System, Instrumentation &
    Control system, Yard Pipe Work, Civil & Structural Work, Cranes etc.,
  Review / evaluation of the Technical Offers submitted by the bidders.
  Preparation and submission of Technical Bid Evaluation and Recommendations.
  Preparation for technical contract document submitted by the successful bidder.
  Review / approval of vendor drawings.
  Preparation of Civil & Structural Drawings.
  Preparation of Civil & Structural Drawings.
  Review / approval of quality assurance plan submitted by the successful bidder and Inspection at
  Manufacturer’s works.
Civil  Design Work
Civil Structural design for foundation and super structure for buildings,
Equipments & Systems etc., applicable for any type of industry using
STAAD pro.
  Preparation of fabrication drawings for structural steel work.
Design for Switch Yard and Transmission Tower, Boiler Structures,
    TG Building, Bunker Building, Water Storage Tanks & Water Treatment Plants.
  Design of Structural Steel Chimneys.
  Preparation of Tender Technical Specifications for Civil and Structural Work.
  Evaluation for bids submitted by the Contractors.
  Submission of Tender Evaluation and Recommendations.
  Evaluation of existing buildings and structures.
  Review Certification of the Claims Bills made by the Civil Structural Contractor.
  Supervision of Civil and Structural Work at site.
Detailed Engineering Services for Piping

Preparation of P&I drawings of Power Plant and process piping.

  Selection of pipe size, material of construction, thickness etc. as per IBR Codes.
Preparation of Piping Layout.
  Carrying out piping stress analysis using CAESER piping package.
  Engineering of pipe supports and hangers.
  Preparation of Valve schedule for pipe work.
   Technical data sheet for the procurement of isolation Valves, control valves, safety valves
  and Flow Nozzles., etc. 
  Preparation of Tender Specification for piping design, supply, erection & commissioning.
  Erection & Commissioning including steam blowing of pipework at site.
  IBR/ANSI stress calculation for statutory approval of pipework.
Detailed Engineering Services for Control & Instrumentation
Finalization of Control and Instrumentation Philosophy and preparation
of design basis.
  Preparation of control system configuration.
Preparation of P&ID and selection of instruments.
  Preparation of Input output list, Alarm schedule’s for DCS.
  Sizing of DCS and PLC.
  Preparation of control interlock and Protection scheme logics for power plant (BTG&BOP).
  Sizing of UPS 24 V DC system.
  Preparation of Plant Schematics logs, display, graphics etc for implementing in MMI of DCS.
  Preparation of Instrument schedule &Estimation of Erection material, Impulse Pipe, JB, transmitter
    racks enclosure, instrumentation cables Sizing of control valve, flow element etc. 
  Preparation of Cable schedule interconnection diagram and control valve hook up diagram.
  Preparation of layout drawing for control room, SWAS room, UPS room DC battery room.
Detailed Engineering Services for Electrical System
Detailed Engineering of HT, LT, Indoor & Outdoor Switchgear, Power &
Control Cables, Motor Control Center, ACDB and DCDB etc.,
  Detailed Engineering of Control, Protection and Metering of electrical system including Switchyard.
Preparation of SLD.
  Sizing and selection of Bus ducts, HT & LT Cables, Earth mat etc.,
  Estimation of HT & LT Cables, Control cables, Cable Trays and accessories.
  Preparation of Input and Output list, Alarm, SOE for Implementing in SCADA.
   Preparation of Cable schedule and interconnection Diagram.
  Preparation of Cable trench & Tray Layout, Earth mat Layout, switchgear room, Battery room,
    Switchyard, Bus duct.
  Detailed Engineering of Power and Load management system.
  Electrical System stability study, Fault calculation and relay co-ordination.
  Sizing of DC system including Battery and Battery Chargers.
  Detailed engineering of Lightning protection, Grounding, Earthing system.
  Detailed engineering of plant illumination system.
Supervisory Services at Site

Deputation of engineers from various disciplines such as Civil,

Electrical Instrumentation and Control System to supervise the Civil Construction, Mechanical erection, testing of various equipment system at site.
Ensuring timely completion of various activities at site.
Deputation of Commissioning Engineers from various disciplines to site to ensure smooth
    commissioning of various equipment system.
  Deputation of Engineers to site to witness the performance guarantee tests for the major equipment.
Project Management Services

Preparation of detailed project implementation schedule using MS

Review of progress of the various activities of engineering, supply, erection etc., and advice
  the client for corrective action if any.
Preparation of monthly progress reports identifying the status of various activities, critical areas,
    points of concern etc., and indicate the action plan for the next month.
  Deputation of Engineers to the vendor’s works to ascertain the manufacturing status and expedite
  the activities.
Operation & Maintenance of Power Plants

Deputation of engineer and operators from various disciplines to the

successful operation of the Power Plants.
Ensuring plant bench marks such as PLF and Plant heat rates are established and that bench
  marks are maintained / improved consistently.
Maintaining operating log sheet and ensuring trouble free operation and avoid outages and
    down time of the Plant.
Monitoring and Improving Boiler Efficiency

Deputation of engineers to study the Boiler running parameters and

monitor every month at site.
  Preparation of detailed Boiler Performance report.
  Suggestions for corrective and preventive actions taken to improve the boiler efficiency and reduce
    the outage of the boiler.
Transmission and Distribution

Detailed Engineering for the construction of Switchyard at Power Plant.

Detailed Engineering for the Power Evacuation System.
  Estimation for Detailed survey from the Power Plant Switchyard to the State Electricity Board
  Estimation for erection of Towers and stringing of Transmission Lines.
  Testing and Commissioning of Power Plant switchyard and the erected Transmission Lines for
  evacuation of Power.
Assistance for Financial Closure
Preparation of DPR including Financial Appraisal.
Expert Assistance in developing, structuring and raising finance from
  Commercial Banks / IREDA.
Basic System Engineering for Power Projects
Detailed Engineering for Power Projects
Civil  Design Work
Detailed Engineering Services for Piping
Detailed Engineering Services for Control & Instrumentation
Detailed Engineering Services for Electrical System
Supervisory Services at Site
Project Management Services
Operation & Maintenance of Power Plants
Monitoring and Improving Boiler Efficiency
Transmission and Distribution
Assistance for Financial Closure
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